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somethingboutlove: Hi! I also think Bethany has something to do with A,maybe she's not dead at all or maybe Sara is the only dead girl idk, anyway I'm wondering if you did notice when Hanna is at the hairdressing dyeing her hair, Mona was with a blonde girl that we might think it's Ali or not cuz was way too blurred. My question is what do you think who she was, I don't think it was Ali,that wouldn't make sense but I do think it's the same girl (with wig or not) who killed Mona.

I definitely originally thought that it was Alison that came up to Mona, but now I’m wondering if that was Bethany Young. Sarah Harvey is a good option too, since she hasn’t been proven as dead as of yet. I think the chance of it being one of those girls is incredibly high.

I figured Alison and Mona were working together, and I still think that’s a possibility. 

I feel like Sarah Harvey has equal chance of being A as Bethany, and we just don’t know why yet.

I think either of them are equally as likely to be dead, as well.

Do I think this mystery girl that met with Mona killed her? I think it’s an interesting thought. Originally it looked like they were working together, but it doesn’t seem like Mona was working with any one person, really.

I’ve considered the idea that the girl who took the game from Mona (Probably Bethany) is the one that killed her (I have that posted somewhere), so it could be entirely likely that her “partner” has turned on Mona. Maybe because Mona found the proof that connects them to Alison, or maybe because she had revealed more than A had ever wanted her to.

I think the chance is incredibly high that the girl that met with Mona is the same girl that killed Mona.

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blackhoodie66: So I was just trying to explain the timeline for PLL to my boyfriend and in the process of this I realized we might not find out who A is until like, April 2017... And that's if they don't try to spread it out longer... UGH!

That could be awful! BUT!

They have said that we find out who A is sooner than we think we will.

So maybe we find out and the girls don’t?

Or they find out too, but can’t do anything to take them down?

Or maybe there’s more to this whole story than just “who is A?”

I think we’ll find out within the next year, but how satisfying it will be is left up for debate..

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James Marsters is 52, which answers the question: “Would I have sex with a 52 year old?”

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Bethany in Georgia?

So from what we’ve been told, Bethany was lured to Rosewood by Alison.

Which means that Alison knew her from before. From where though?

Part of me wants to say from Cape May, because I still think that Cape May holds either a bunch of puzzle pieces, or one very large one.

I really do feel like Bethany came from Georgia, where the DiLaurentis family spent some time living, and Alison visited frequently.

Now everyone assumes that they were enemies from the start, but I have to wonder if that wasn’t the case. Why? Something piqued my interest.

Remember when Shana showed up in Pretty Dirty Secrets? She was on the phone with who we now assume is Alison. (Shana says that the caller is right, she’s gonna like it there. We know that Alison sent Shana there, ergo…).

In the same phone call she says “she was my friend too.” Originally this was thought to be about Alison…but now I wonder, was it about Bethany? (Or even Sarah Harvey maybe?)

Shana lived in Georgia too. If she was friends with someone too, that person needed to be from there, or South Carolina where she is also from and Alison visited.

Wouldn’t that be interesting!? If they had been friends rather than enemies, and Shana knew her too?

I also wonder if maybe that had something to do with why “sixth grade was the best year ever” ? I mean, I know that was an allusion to the books, because that’s when Alison and Courtney switched, but still.

This also made me wonder if Jenna knew her? Knew her before she moved to Rosewood. (Again, Sarah Harvey is also a candidate for this). If she knew Bethany, and they were friends, maybe that’s how she knew who Alison was before they even met.

How exactly Jenna and Bethany connected, and how that translates into her knowing who Alison is…well…I haven’t got that far. This was just a thought that I had recently.


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