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prayer circle for a beth flashback episode in season 3

prayer circle to flashbacks of how beth faked her own death and is actually alive somewhere in mexico

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when u try to caffeinate yourself and just end up increasing ur heart rate with no discernible changes in levels of exhaustion  



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Theory 5 - Wren and Ali might be working together as A (A Shadow Play review)



We already know that the Shadow Play episode was foreshadowing upcoming events (Aria going to Syracuse, the nightclub scene in the finale, Ezra being knocked out…)

But there are still a lot of question marks. I wanted to rewatch Shadow Play now that season 4 is over.

This is a wonderful theory that’s been put together. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, check it out.

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PLL Dropped Theories

This is kinda a “Whatever Happened To..” post for PLL. Back in the start, so much was hinted at and so far there’s been little to no pay off for it. I’m just starting to wonder about it.

- Everything that the liars buried with “Alison”

- The Lolita references. Vivian must have come up BEFORE Ezra. So, what was with this.

- Byron’s involvement.

- Anne Sullivan’s involvement

- The moving parties of Noel’s

- Maya buddying up to Jason and Noel

- There seeming to be two teams competing with each other.

- NAT club connections

- Jenna and her secrecy (how did she know Alison, when did she gain vision back or did she have it all along, etc)

- The focus on all the dolls

- Alison’s pregnancy scare

- What Alison said to the liars in her visits (like Hanna in the hospital, Spencer in her living room)

- The night that Emily was drugged. I am still entirely confused as to what actually happened to the poor girl, and who drugged her.

- Who was hiding in the DiLaurentis house?

- I Missed My Dolls.

- What is Grunwald’s connection beyond Ravenswood?

- The Melissa and Emily masks.

There’s so much else too, but these are what have come to mind recently for me. I just hope we come back to some of these.

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Bethany Young’s Death: Theory 1

The evidence to this theory is compiled here.

This theory supposes that it was Melissa, Cece, Garrett, and Jenna that had a hand in Bethany Young’s death.

- If Garrett knew Alison wasn’t dead, and he knew the body was someone else’s, then it’s probable that he knew who was actually dead. How would he know all of this if he hadn’t seen something himself? This would explain why he always looked so guilty. 

He was also the one to tip them off about the bracelet being at April Rose. 

- Jenna has hinted a few times that she knew Alison wasn’t dead, and if she thought Garrett hit Alison, then how could she know that? The two of them hinted that they conspired to pin it on the liars. If they liars were not guilty, then this would make sense.

"She deserved to die like that" could have been about Bethany, not Alison. 

It could also give reason for Jenna to have been so jumpy, and why her life has been attempted on more than once.

- Cece has always been suspicious, and she apparently killed Wilden. If she killed Wilden, then maybe it wasn’t the first time? She was at the yard that night, and didn’t seem happy to have been discovered as such. We also know that Wilden was not happy with her about something. Maybe she was arguing with Melissa about the murder?

She also obviously knew SOMETHING about Emily’s drunk and drugged night, based on the look she shared with Jenna during the game of truth. 

- Melissa may not be A material, but she is capable of a lot. She called someone that night, and said something about needing to call 911 to get their attention. My guess was this was Wilden, and if that’s true, what if she was calling to tell him about what happened? She easily could have brought a cup from her own kitchen when she had to go over to the DiLaurentis house. Or Alison could have brought it, but it’s possible that Melissa did. The shovel did end up at the Hastings house, so she could have brought it back over with her.

The question with all this is simple, what was the motive? Was it accidental? Had Bethany caused them harm in some way? Did she aim to? I still think Cape May plays a big role in this all.

Bethany obviously has a dislike to Jessica DiLaurentis, but until we know more it’s hard to speculate too much.

If this group is to blame, then they could be trying to pin it on the liars. Why? Easy targets maybe? Melissa could still be trying to protect Spencer, but she has been targeted too, so maybe she has been outranked.

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Bethany Young’s Death: Theory 2

The evidence to this theory is compiled here.

This theory supposes that it was the liars that are responsible for Bethany Young’s death.

There is a lot to assume with her death still, but there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that these girls are not as innocent as we’d like to think.

First of all, Alison has said that they all remember more about that night than they think they do. What else is there to remember? I already mentioned that it’s possible that their whole story was rehearsed and fabricated, so that goes a long with it. It’s possible that their memories are hazy due to Alison drugging them.

The cup that we see at the DiLaurentis house could have been brought over by one of them.

Melissa has said she has been protecting Spencer, and what better reason is there than she HELPED COMMIT MURDER!? It is possible that she was talking with Cece that night about covering it up, at least I think so.

Just because the “memories” Emily and Spencer had about attacking Alison were not entirely true, it doesn’t mean that either of them didn’t attack someone. If I had to put my money on it, it would be Spencer. Her “memory” was much more vivid, and was spurred on by her own thoughts. Emily could have been coached by Sullivan to have those memories. Remember, Sullivan has been in A’s pocket before, and if someone wanted to protect Spencer any way possible, pinning it on Emily would be a way to do so. Spencer did drag that shovel back to the barn…

I’m not too sure how Toby’s sweater plays into this, but maybe one of the ones protecting them planted the blood on it to pin it on Toby? Or one of the liars found it that night and got blood on it by mistake?

If it turns out that this night’s testimony was also fabricated and rehearsed, then it’s probable that Spencer did NOT wake up first, like the story goes. That could have been made up, same with hearing a scream. 

Why they would kill Bethany, I’m not sure. Maybe they did it to protect Alison, like they were ready to do in The First Secret. (Alison did test their loyalty in a similar situation). Maybe Bethany threatened them (Aria would do anything for Spencer?). Maybe she attacked them and they defended themselves? (Unlikely, but plausible).

This could really explain why our girls have been harassed so relentlessly.

(This theory got really messy towards the end, sorry. I ran out of steam haha)

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