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Alison Faking Her Death

So. If it was Mona’s idea to fake her death. If she never planned to do so….

1. Why was she so desperate for money before she was attacked? Remember she shook down the mask guy for the money he owed. She shook down Byron for money, too. She needed it bad.

2. Why did she tell Spencer she was writing journals for her to carry on after she died?

3. Didn’t her comment “that’s immortality, my darlings” kinda hint that she was planning on doing so?

4. Wasn’t that kinda the reason she played that horrid prank on the girls for hallowe’en? To know they’d have her back?

There’s been a few too many hints that she planned to fake her death. Mona making the suggestion off hand doesn’t add up.

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    Also when she was telling the story why was she thinking she was pregnant not mentioned? both Ce ce and Ezra mentioned...
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  3. prettylittleliar420 said: maybe she was telling the truth, but the timing was a lie. what if mona offered to help her fake her death when she saw ali in the costume shop. the two worked out a plan, and the whole night of the attack was part of the plan?
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    I think she needed the money because A (Mona) was blackmailing her. Maybe it was Mona’s plan to get rid of her from the...
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